We’ve created a culture of ethical compassion, natural alternatives to medications whenever possible, organic foods, and an eco-conscious environment. As a result of our commitment to wellness and social responsibility.


The Referral and Admissions Process

Once we have been authorized to speak with your health care provider we will contact them for more information. If you have been referred to us by a therapist or psychiatrist we will discuss the reason for the referral and any barriers to treatment involving your teen. In the event you have been referred by a hospital, we may ask for a discharge summary.

We work with many different insurance partners, but in the event your insurance is not in network we will work to obtain authorization through a Single Case Agreement.

Gathering Information

During the admissions process, providers and doctors will share with us the most current preliminary clinical information to help determine if Destinations is the best match for your teen. We will ask you to sign releases in order for us to obtain information, and occasionally you may need to make verbal requests of providers as time is of the essence for making the smoothest transition possible.

During Treatment

Once your teen enters a Destinations facility, we will contact the referral source within 24 hours of admission to provide an update on your teen’s progress. If requested, we will call your doctor or provider with weekly updates, and if the client is transitioning back to them we can include them in a transition session towards the end of the client stay.

We make every effort possible to refer back to the therapist or program that referred your teen to Destinations. Within 72 hours after discharge they will receive a discharge summary that shows where your teen has made progress and what they need to continue to work on. This summary will also state with forms of treatment were effective, and where there was resistance, and it covers all domains, including individual, family, recovery, psychiatry and education. We also will send a home contract to the outside provider that is individualized and created prior to discharge.

Working With Parents

The most important aspect of treatment will always be parental involvement. While Destinations is working with your doctor or care provider, we rely on you to attend our parent sessions. At these sessions you find support through our speakers and staff, while learning about treatment, recovery, and the healing process.