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It starts with a Call to Us

When you first contact Destinations, we will ask for some background about your teen and the experiences he or she has been having. These initial questions help us understand what’s going on in the home and why you are thinking about a treatment program. We recognize that many parents may not be ready to commit to treatment, so we will provide you as much information as possible about our philosophy, our facilities, our programs, and our methods.

Reviewing Your Treatment Plan 

If you are ready to commit to a treatment program we will ask for your insurance information and provide you a link to our online application. You should expect a follow-up call later that same day in which we will discuss additional details of your case. When reviewing your application our clinical staff will discuss the details of your case – we include our entire treatment team to ensure that Destinations can adequately address the needs of your teen and family. Through the details you provide we will be able to determine whether your teen should be admitted into our Residential Program, which requires a stay at one of our facilities, or if he/she is better suited to our Partial Hospitalization Program or Intensive Outpatient Program.

We Coordinate Care with Your Medical and Educational Team

Medical professional refer a majority of teens undergoing treatment at Destinations facilities. When it comes time to access medical records, we will ask you to complete a release of information form, and will then request the records from your teen’s physician. If your teen has received treatment in the past, our psychiatrist will contact his or her previous psychiatrist to obtain more information. All of this is done in order to determine the appropriate treatment program for your teen. Our education staff will also contact your child’s school to access academic records and curriculum so that we can ensure he or she does not fall behind while undergoing treatment.

You Are Invited to Tour Our Locations

Before making a commitment, you will be invited to tour our facilities. This is necessary so that parents and teens can meet our staff and learn more about the customized care program that will be put in place. Parents are encouraged to ask questions about what happens during therapy sessions, how their teen will continue his or her education while away from school, and what role they will play in the treatment and recovery process. At this time, our clinical staff may perform an additional assessment of your teen if necessary.

The Recovery Process Begins

One of the most important things for parents to know is that committing to a treatment program is not an admission of failure. Many parents may feel guilt or shame over their teen’s condition, and while that is common it is rarely warranted. When you reach out for help, you are taking the first step to saving your teen’s life.

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