Who We Are

Destinations provides compassionate, individualized treatment and support for teens and families affected by addiction and mental illness. Our dedicated team of therapists and staff are there for each teen and their family at every stage of their recovery and beyond by providing a quality safe-haven, a full range of treatments, and an uninterrupted education. Through our commitment to wellness and social responsibility, we aim to reconnect families while saving lives every day.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach – mind, body, and spirit – and address your teen’s concerns with a customized treatment plan that will lead to the best long-term outcome. In addition to therapy sessions, we will employ experiential programs, such as yoga, music, art, and body movement, within our treatments, and provide natural alternatives to medications whenever possible. We understand that teens crave structure and create an environment that allows them freedom to express themselves while also respecting boundaries. If you are a parent struggling to set limits, you will find our disciplined approach to everything from meals to sleep to exercise creates an environment in which your teen will thrive.

Our Collaborative Support Model

At Destinations, we believe collaborative treatment is the most effective way to ensure your teen is on the road to recovery. Team members meet weekly to discuss the progress of each individual case and how each personalized treatment program is progressing. These meetings involve the individual and family therapist assigned to your case, as well as members of our psychiatry, nutrition, and educational staff. Each member of our clinical staff is required to hold a Master’s degree and must be registered with a professional board.

Your support staff is there to address the needs of your teen and develop a tailored treatment program, but success cannot happen without parental involvement. Parents turn to Destinations when an addiction or mental disorder begins to threaten their child’s safety or the safety of others. We can help your child cope and heal as an individual, but we need your help to heal the family. As parents, you will be required to attend meetings with support staff, as well as family education classes, weekly individual therapy and, in some cases, couples therapy. A teenager’s struggles can often leave mothers and fathers overcome with guilt or shame, but learning to forgive oneself is often the first step toward learning to be a parent again.

Post Program Support

Destinations takes great care to ensure your teen’s transition back into school is positive and without interruption. Your teen will be required to attend classes while at Destinations, and we work directly with his/her school to manage re-entry following their stay.

We are proud to have a reoccurrence rate of less than 5 percent, and we achieve this because we believe treatment does not end when your teen leaves Destinations. We empower teens to take control of their lives and their futures, but we also let them know they are part of a community of families that support one another throughout life’s journey. We have established an alumni program to provide support for teens and their parents, and all are invited to attend weekly and quarterly events, such as pizza parties and bowling outings.

We Are Here to Help

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